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Spelt Dehulling

Spelt Dehulling

Most spelt is planted in the fall and is harvested the following year in the late summer months. It comes off the combine with the hull intact, protecting the kernel from dirty environmental conditions and insect infestations. Before it can be processed into flour or for sprouting, it is put through a machine to remove the hull that is attached to the kernel. Maple Woods Organic Farms is one of a few operations in Ontario in the business of dehulling and selling spelt. We use 2 HORN dehullers imported from Germany, which is a friction type dehuller with gravity table in one machine. The spelt is run over a grain cleaner after being dehulled to achieve a clean sample with very few broken kernels.

We are capable of loading the spelt into bulk containers, tote bags or paper bags. Product from our facility has been shipped to U.S., Europe and of course the domestic market in Canada. Our whole farm operation is certified by EcoCert Canada, however we also work with other certification bodies to allow our customers to accommodate foreign markets. All transactions are treated with onfidentiality.

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